What's Metabolic Health?

“...food and nutrition interventions that facilitate or encourage the consumption of foods that are appropriate for identified health conditions or disease risk factors should be fully integrated into healthcare.” -Food is Prevention: The Case for Integrating Food and Nutrition Interventions into Healthcare, Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation, Harvard Law School, July 2015

At the core of every human life is a metabolic system – a cellular engine that can be powerfully transformative and uplifting or degenerative and debilitating – killing us slowly and painfully over the course of our (shortened and degraded) lives. The metabolic system is comprised of several organs, hormones and enzymes that work together to digest, absorb, process, transport, and excrete the nutrients that are essential to life. When this system becomes faulty, our metabolic health is affected. It is the difference between wellness and illness.


Which metabolic path we are on depends on individual as well as collective action. This connection with our metabolic health is vital – yet we suffer greatly by ignoring the harmful effects of irresponsible foods in our diet, and the lack of personal, social, and corporate responsibility in relation to our food system. Sadly, various issues in our food system impact the metabolic health in some communities more than others, and we care deeply about this.

We believe it is possible to transform our metabolic health (e.g. conquering obesity and type 2 diabetes, achieving optimal health, living a long and fulfilling life, etc.) in ways that greatly improve our quality of life. The sweetest revenge can be to live a long and healthy life. In order to accomplish this, we need tools and resources.

For a greater explanation of how the metabolic system works, please visit our Facts & FAQs page. 

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