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One of the IRN's central goals is to educate the public about nutrition science. To do so, we continue to utilize the media as a way to provide information to the masses. 

Sugar Coated is a soon-to-be-released documentary produced by Michele Hozer. The Institute for Responsible Nutrition played an active role in supporting the film production, providing content and vetting sources of data. Dr. Robert H. Lustig plays a central role in the film.

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Dr. Robert H. Lustig was featured in a groundbreaking public television program on KQED!

Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Food 

Anyone who donates $100 to the IRN will receive a free copy of Sweet Revenge.

All donors to the IRN are currently eligible to receive a 50% donation on Sweet Revenge.

In Defense of Food

Many leaders in the real food movement are featured in the documentary In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan.
In Defense of Food
Click here for a full description of the film and a preview.

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition, and our founder Dr. Robert H. Lustig have been featured in the following:

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