The movement is fueled by what the science says.


 (Image: Jonas Salk with child patient)

"Nothing happens quite by chance. It's a question of accretion of information and experience." -Jonas Salk

We are the Institute for Responsible Nutrition. It is our mission to provide you with what the science says about metabolic health.

“We’ve been lied to by a lot of FoodCompanies over the years." -Tom Brady, NFL Football Player

A lot of emotions and hyperbole dominate conversations about nutrition and health. Every day, a new headline seems to contradict what we heard yesterday. 

There is hope. We can weed out the bad science, smoke and mirrors, over-simplification, and straight-out lies. "Nutrionism" depends upon shoddy science, and encourages consumers to indulge in food fads and diets.

The IRN will provide you with a consistent source of scientifically based information. Shopping lists for real food. Entertaining videos with lessons about nutrition. Links to our partners, and the greatest leaders in metabolic health.

Together, we can propel a movement toward real food and optimal health. 

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