Registered Dietitians

We believe that registered dietitians completed their nutrition degrees, dietetic internships and passed their RD exams to help people achieve better health through food. We are not alone in thinking that giant food and beverage corporations should not fund or sponsor health organizations. Through alliances, we hope to leverage and support your own efforts.
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DFPIThe IRN supports the efforts of Dietitians for Professional Integrity (DFPI), a group of dietetics professionals “looking to advance the dietetic profession and credential through advocating for greater financial transparency and ethical sponsorships within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” The IRN fully agrees with DFPI that “the American public deserves nutrition information that is not tainted by food industry interests.

RDs4Disclosure is another organization of registered dietitians promoting transparency in the field. We support their efforts in both the US and the UK. 



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Michele Simon's new report about the American Society of Nutrition: Nutrition Scientists on the Take from Big Food



"ASN has many problematic ties with the food and beverage industry. These ties can taint scientific objectivity, negatively impact the organization’s policy recommendations, and result in industry-friendly research and messaging that is shared with nutrition professionals and the general public alike."

-Michele Simon, Nutrition Scientists on the Take from Big Food


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