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Our food and health systems are both circling the drain, and for the same reason. Despite a vibrant food movement, the processed food and sugary beverage industries enjoy record sales while burdening the public with historic levels of diet-related illness.

The U.S. food industry generated $450 billion in profit annually, yet $1.4 trillion is wasted due to healthcare costs associated with preventable and chronic metabolic diseases generated by the processed food industry. We lose three times what they make. This is unsustainable.

Food corporations and Washington policy makers have changed our food landscape from cornucopia to garbage dump; one that fosters illness instead of wellness. Thanks to powerful lobbies, we subsidize corn, wheat, soy, and sugar, then watch in horror as ultra-processed foods are served to our kids in school and flood our communities, and these kids get diseases that were never seen in kids before.

The future of our children and the food system must become a top priority. This is why we are asking you to support the IRN Real Food Impact Campaign.
IRN exists to end diet-related chronic diseases by changing the way food is produced, marketed and sold. We provide science-based information that inspires millions of people to change the way they eat, thereby transforming our health and the food system. In order to realize our vision and achieve our primary goal, IRN creates three types of Impact:
  1. Increasing awareness and knowledge based on solid science
  2. Inspiring people and organizations to make good food decisions and take action
  3. Initiating a groundswell movement, to promote health instead of disease
Thanks to some amazing partnerships, every dollar you contribute is leveraged, allowing the IRN to provide crucial educational content to the public on an extremely cost efficient basis. With your support, our Real Food Impact Campaign will reach at least one million people with high quality science-based information that has the potential to change lives. Please help us! Together we can reclaim our health and our broken food system.

For a gift of $10 or more, you can view the amazing public television documentary Sweet Revenge — already seen by over one million people. All gifts matter and are most welcome.

To donate, please click here. Alternately, a check payable to Institute for Responsible Nutrition may be mailed to:
Institute for Responsible Nutrition, P.O. Box 14455, San Francisco, CA 94114-0455

Wolfram Alderson
Founding Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Robert Lustig, M.D.
Founder and President
Institute for Responsible Nutrition

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