Top Three Problems

  1. Preventable, serious food-related diseases - fostered by processed foods and added sugar - have proliferated, partially due to misinformation and unethical marketing.
  2. Treating these diseases overwhelms / imperils our fragile healthcare system; preventive approaches severely lacking.
  3. Public lacks access to good food / unbiased nutrition information.  Cause-and-effect relationship between excess sugar, processed foods, and resulting illness poorly understood.


  • Big problem: international scope requiring local, personal, targeted solutions.
  • Lack of strategic intelligence, vision, resources and organized, coordinated approach.
  • Difficult to visualize / simplify problem in lay terms.
  • Wrong conversation deployed e.g. obesity, energy imbalance, counting calories.
  • Sophisticated, well-financed psychology / marketing used by food system actors.

Food-Related Disease Proliferating

  • Non-Communicable Disease rates highest in human history: 35 million deaths annually.
  • 25% of humanity has metabolic disease; minorities, poor, & children at greatest risk.
  • Reluctance to speak out / translate science to general population, mass media.
  • Lack of prevention focus, especially on link to real food as health essential.
  • Medicine lacks serious nutrition science - only 19% of U.S. medical schools require nutrition courses; content often inaccurate. Medicine slow to incorporate new science.

Processed Food

  • Failed experiment - global impacts with epic consequences: human & environmental.
  • Chemical industry - food supply driven by chemists / flooded with additives.
  • Current business model, food formularies promoting cheap food and disease, not health.
  • Food processing reduces nutritional value while driving up short-sighted profit margins.


  • Current consumption levels are dangerous; few understand to what extent.
  • Consumption crossroads - negative global financial impacts / market risk factors rising.
  • Consumers in the dark about sugar addiction: 56 names; science inscrutable to lay people; lack of transparent labeling, reasonable limits, and adequate warnings; understanding of added sugar vs. intrinsic sugar; detrimental effects on the body.
  • Public unaware of recommendations by leading scientists and health institutions.
  • Food companies throttle healthcare / market oversight, regulation, consumer protection.

Food Industry

  • Corrupted / burdened by short-term interests limited to only one bottom line: profit.
  • Industrial pandemic – food & beverage industry now leading vector for disease.
  • Perniciousness / malfeasance - powerful advertising and spurious science dominate global conversations about food and nutrition. Industry controlling government policy.
  • Consumers deliberately misinformed - left alone to sort smoke, noise, and lies from truth and science. Most vulnerable targeted with unhealthy and harmful products.

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