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"The US healthcare system is under financial pressure and some of this can be reduced by tackling preventable diseases, like diabetes and obesity. The previous message has been to lower fat in diet and to exercise but this has not reduced the epidemic. Emerging research has linked sugar to all types of chronic disease. Our food supply has been adulterated by added sugar. Consumers are confused by the terminology used on the package resulting in the consumption of around 90 lbs per year of added sugar. Biochemical science clearly outlines the dangers of added sugars as explained by doctors like Dr Robert Lustig and Dr. Joe Cohen. Consumers can control their health by understanding the risks of added sugars in simplified language instead of the convoluted terms on existing nutrition labels."

The Opportunity

When an opportunity emerges that supports our mission and vision, we whole-heartedly support it. A grassroots petition to compel agribusiness to list added sugar on nutrition labels in understandable units like teaspoons has come forth, and the IRN thinks it's really important. Properly labeling food leads to better understanding. Better understanding leads to truly informed decision-making. Informed decision-making allows consumers to vote with their spending dollars for how they want their food prepared and thus influence the food industry and our entire defunct food system. Trends of the food industry follow the dollars. Please, take 30 seconds to sign this important petition.

100,000 signatures are needed by October 13, 2015

Our Mission

We exist to shape the way food is produced, marketed and distributed so we can end food-related illness and promote good health. We are committed and accountable to rigorous scientific approach. And we are committed to a world where improving public health comes before any individual’s or organization’s financial gain or personal benefit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the movement to enlighten the public about food and nutrition that reduces food-related illness and promotes a healthy society. IRN will be recognized as a leading source of science-based information on nutrition

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