Our Advisors

Professional AdvisorsThe Advisory Board role with the IRN is not one that involves any legal or fiscal issues or responsibilities...those tasks are reserved for our Board of Directors. The Advisory Board exists purely to provide the IRN with expert advice.

The IRN Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished doctors, scientists, and experts in fields related to the work of the IRN who serve as advisors for the programs, activities, and policies of the IRN. Advisory Board members:
  • Inform the long-range strategies and tactics of the IRN, supporting its efforts to promote research and education based on unbiased science;
  • Review and contribute to IRN research interests, programs, and policy;
  • Translate and promote current and future achievements in fields related to nutrition, metabolic health, childhood obesity, and diet-related disease.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on matters concerning IRN strategies, tactics, and performance.
The IRN Advisory Board is Chaired by Dr. Alan Greene.
For more information, please contact Wolfram Alderson.

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