Icon_Mom.pngWant to change the food system? Talk to the Moms. 

Women still do the majority of food shopping in the U.S. Increasingly, taking care of the family food needs means providing healthier food. Processed food used to be a mother's friend, sold with the promise it was cheaper, would reduce labor, and save precious time. Turns out the processed food sales pitch hasn't delivered on its promises, and mothers all over the world are returning to good old fashioned "real food".

But, weaning family members off of foods that were literally designed to addict us isn't easy. This is where the IRN can help...providing providing high quality nutrition education, including recipes that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less. 

Even 10 days of maintaining healthy limits on sugar can have enormous benefits to your children. Just look at the impact here:

Fructose Restriction Study.jpg

While we have a lot of helpful information to share with you, we feel like our first job is to listen and hear what you have to say. Lots of Moms have already contributed blogs on our website. While we do have expert knowledge to offer, we know there is a lot of "native wisdom" out there that is essential to solving the problems we face in our food system. And, you know your family better than anyone. So, please let us know what your needs are, and let us how we can help.

"When kids see adults coming together around healthy foods, they'll often be willing to try new things. In the long run, a diet of mostly home cooked foods, prepared by someone who cares about eating that food, will almost always be healthier for the whole family." -Dr. Maya Adam


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