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“Sweet spot!”  “How sweet it is!”  “Wouldn’t it be sweet?”  

“Eat dessert first!”  

Sweet dreams, too…

From English language axioms, to colloquial sayings, to Madison Avenue-driven food marketing, we’re constantly bombarded with sugary metaphors and exhorted to open our pocketbooks to feed – big gulp – our “sweet tooth.” What’s a sourpuss to do?

In all recorded history, Individuals & Families have never been *besieged like this.   

Not so long ago, salt and fat were commonly used as food preservatives, extending food’s “shelf life” in the millennia before refrigeration.  No kidding. Necessity was the mother of invention.  But, the processed food experiment has failed.

The relatively new kid on the block, affluence kicked-up our standard of living, sweetening the pot with convenience and all things not sour.

So…how to cope?  How do Individuals & Families get to the “great uncola” at the end of the rainbow?  Insist your family or friends eat together with you on a regular basis - just like in the olden days.  Shun food labels, get off the sugar water workout, cook up a storm, and enjoy real food.  And don’t forget the sweet and sour!  There is a such a thing as "responsible sugar" consumption. Even the world's largest candy company thinks this is a good idea.

Fortunately, lemons and limes are still with us – and delicious as ever. In a nutshell, pucker up and kiss excess sugar good-bye.  


*The food industry spends two billion dollars per year marketing to children. 


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