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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

“In the USA, the food industry grosses $1 trillion per year – $450 billion is gross profit. In the USA, health care costs total $2.7 trillion/year – 75 percent of which is chronic metabolic diseases and 75 percent of which is preventable. Thus, $1.4 trillion/year is wasted.  We lose triple what the food industry makes,” Dr. Robert Lustig explains at the International Eat Forum

Like you, we’ve seen first-hand how childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes have become tragically common. In the US, 68% of diseases are diet-related. 29.1 million Americans have diabetes. Of those, 8.1 million haven’t yet been diagnosed. 40% of the non-obese population has some sort of metabolic disease. Close to half of the U.S. adult population now has diabetes or prediabetes.

Like you, we believe the world can be a healthier place.

Your Job: Grow This Movement. 

We are building a global network of doctors, dentists, physician assistants, nurses, registered dietitians, public health attorneys, and other experts in related health fields. There are many individuals and organizations who understand how metabolic diseases are ravaging worldwide health - we promote joining forces in engaging and enlightening the public about food and nutrition that reduces food-related illness and promotes a healthy society. IRN would also like to serve as a reliable source of science-based information on nutrition.

The IRN is here to coordinate our collective, professional voices. Together we can propel a movement. A movement away from processed foods, away from sugar, away from preventable chronic diseases. Help us fuel the movement toward real food and metabolic health.

"Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow."
-Dr. Linus Pauling

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