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“What we really need to be concerned about is the big picture, getting our children off of this processed junk food. It all goes back to eating a diet of processed foods.” -Dr. Laura Schmidt

The chemical industry has hacked our food system. They call it "processed food" and they even want us to believe it is good for us. In their model, foods are "formulated," resulting in over *10,000 chemicals being added to our food supply, including "refined" sugar in 75% of all processed food products sold in the U.S. Processed food is an experiment that has failed.

hack the food systemWe’re taking back our food system with real food hacks – clean, real food that is. Incredibly delicious meals made from whole ingredients in 30 minutes or less. Simple recipes prepared in your kitchen – food your Grandmother would recognize. No additives. No ultra-processing. How radical is that?

To demonstrate how easy and fun all this is, we are hosting "Real Food Hackathons" - competitive, community based events that are a mix of "Iron Chef" with Real Food. Hackathon teams compete to prepare a real food meal in 30 minutes or less. We’re “hacking" real food to demonstrate it can be prepared quickly and easily! Each team is provided with core ingredients, including an array of fresh, seasonal vegetables, a variety of protein, and whole grain options.

Here are the winners of the world's first Real Food Hackathon, held at the IRN world premier of Sugar Coated, November 6, 2015 in Berkeley, California. Several teams competed (18 Reasons, Leah's Pantry, and The Minimalist Cook), and Leah's Pantry won the competition - earning the distinguished "Golden Fork" award. 

Golden Fork Award.JPG










"It was the coolest event I've ever been to in my professional career by far! I had a great time and got to meet some really amazing people." -Jill Watson, Registered Dietitian

We are rolling out our first 10 hacks in honor of the 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge co-hosted by the IRN and MyFitnessPal - 1 hack for every day of the challenge. (Links coming soon!)

Hack #1 (Click on Image for Details)







 Hack #2

 Hack 2





Hack #3







Hack #4







Hack #5







Hack #6







Hack #7







Hack #8







Hack #9







Hack #10








Do you have a real - clean - food hack? Click here for details, then send your nomination to [email protected]

*In 1958 President Eisenhower signed the Food Additives Amendment to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. The law presumed that a chemical intentionally added to food was potentially unsafe and required that no chemical be used without a “reasonable certainty in the minds of competent scientists that the substance is not harmful under the intended conditions of use.” Congress required food companies to file a “food additive petition” as the primary means by which to get an FDA approval of a chemical’s use in food. If the agency did propose to approve the chemical, it would inform the public and request comments before adopting a regulation allowing the use. The system was designed at a time when an estimated 800 chemical additives were in use, far fewer than the more than 10,000 allowed today. -NRDC Report - Generally Regarded as Secret: Chemicals Added to Food in the United States

For more information, read Generally Recognized as Secret: Chemicals Added to Food in the United States. You may also want to review the GRAS list and the EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) directly. 

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