Icon_Dad.pngToday's Dads are anything but "traditional" when it comes to food.

Yes, we still like to get out there and be king of the grill once and a while. But, we are learning that taking our kids to the farmers' market, or visiting a local family farm is equally important too.

Somehow the connection to real food got lost along the way. It turns out all those processed foods that we used to love, were literally killing us. Making healthy snacks and treats for our kids is the new challenge, and it can actually be fun to do together. And now that we know that sugar is NOT love, we can take care that our kids' diets aren't overload with the sweet stuff - and reward them with the good stuff, like delicious fresh fruit and home cooked meals.

Even 10 days of healthy limits on sugar can have an enormous impact on children's health.

Fructose Restrition Study.jpg

"When kids see adults coming together around healthy foods, they'll often be willing to try new things. In the long run, a diet of mostly home cooked foods, prepared by someone who cares about eating that food, will almost always be healthier for the whole family." -Dr. Maya Adam


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