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Chloe & Anna

Chloe Chien has an MD and MBA from Stanford.  While in school, she set out to find a sustainable solution to reverse and prevent obesity in this country. She believes that healthy eating should be the first line treatment for any lifestyle diseases. Through an entrepreneurial course taught at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford, she met Anna and together they created Homemade in 2013.  

Anna is the cofounder and CEO of Homemade.  Anna has Masters degrees from Stanford and UC Berkeley, was Australian Young Lawyer of the Year 2008, is a Fulbright Scholar, and a John Monash Scholar. She was a senior attorney for nearly 7 years in top tier Australian law firms.  Anna also worked for 4 years with Australian billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, Andrew Forrest on a social enterprise in Australia. Anna is passionate about empowering others to achieve a healthy eating lifestyle after overcoming years of fad dieting and calorie counting as a National Competitive Ice Skater in Australian Precision Ice Skating.

Homemade Cooking

Homemade is a healthy eating program for people who are looking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It’s a fun, social, creative way to discover the joy in cooking and eating real food with friends and family. You will learn the skills to become intuitive home cooks in our friendly, supportive, hands-on kitchen. Homemade helps you put an end to “dieting” and make eating the guilt-free experience it should be – at home and in restaurants.

Homemade is the leader of the Social Cooking Movement. Our mission is to teach EVERY American how to COOK so they can lead happier, healthier lives.  We believe that home-cooked food made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients is the best way to nourish the body, mind and emotions.  We believe that cooking in a community is joyful, inspiring and fun.  We believe that food should be enjoyed and shared.

The goal of Homemade is to disrupt the $60B weight loss industry and reverse the epidemic of obesity and lifestyle diseases by teaching people how to cook and eat real food. Launched in 2013, Homemade has now cooked over 45,000 healthy meals and opened its programs in 3 locations in the Bay Area, with plans to expand by the end of the year.  



Whole, natural, home cooking, healthy, fast, practical, etc.  


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