Beat the Odds


The challenges are great. 75% of the U.S. food supply contains added sugar. Years ago, type 2 diabetes was an adult disease. Virtually no children had this preventable type of diabetes; it used be so rare that these children were reported in medical journals.

Today in the America... 
  • 60,000 children have type 2 diabetes
  • One in three adults are obese
  • Forty percent of the non-obese have some form of metabolic disease - many don't even know it
  • Close to half of American Adults now have diabetes or prediabetes
  • The food business spends $2 billion dollars per year marketing to children.

As medical doctors, we deal with these issues every day - we’ve seen first-hand how obesity and type 2 diabetes affect kids. The landscape of nutrition science is often cloudy and confusing - where can you look for reliable information to beat the odds against diet-related disease.

The IRN was founded to be a consistent and clear source of science-based nutrition information. We exist to provide the highest level of analysis, research, and education.

Our mission is to end food-related illness and to shape the way food is produced, marketed and distributed.

We can reverse childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Through real food and real science, we can achieve real health

We also will offer you practical ideas for action, both personal and social. Start beating the odds today - there are many simple things you can do with minimal effort and expense. 

“I think we’ve been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, by a lot of beverage companies over the years. But we still do it. That’s just America, and that’s what we’ve been conditioned to. We believe that Frosted Flakes is a food. You just keep eating those things, and you keep wondering why we have just incredible rates of disease in our country. No one thinks it has anything to do with what we put in our body.” -Tom Brady, NFL Football Player

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