Be a Champion for Science-Based Nutrition for All

Please join us in celebrating the FDA’s recent announcement that the Nutrition Facts Label will be changed for the first time in 20 years! Beginning in 2018, added sugar will be included on all food labels.

While this is a huge accomplishment, we know we cannot wait two more years before we take action to educate consumers constantly bombarded with bad food and misinformation.

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN) has launched a campaign to make high quality, unbiased, science-based nutrition available to all – especially schools, clinics, and community organizations that serve under-resourced populations. Your support of this campaign - even a $5 gift - can assure year-round access for thousands of low-income students and patients.

We’re sure you already know that myths about nutrition abound, and that the information landscape confuses and frustrates many. We watch, flummoxed, as nutrition pundits argue in protracted public debates that seem only to make matters worse. We’ve seen what bad nutritional advice can do. It’s time to undo it.

“Disconnects” between nutrition, health, and education are perverse and pervasive. The IRN addresses these disconnects with an engaging strategy - the 10-Day Real Food Challenge - and a new educational resource to sustain learning - the Nutrition Toolbox. Think of it as “personalized nutrition for all.”

For schools, community clinics, and community-based organizations, resources for teaching nutrition are scattered, time-consuming to find, and confusing to use. Staff with nutrition expertise is lacking, while nutrition textbooks for schools and clinics are expensive, woefully out-of-date, and often don’t reflect state-of-the-art nutritional science.

With You as Our Champion, the IRN will expand its impact and serve the 100,000 U.S. public schools and community clinics in urgent need of reliable nutrition education - providing hundreds of key resources including films, books, graphics, curricula, online courses, and access to dozens of leading experts and organizations that are science-based, objective, and usable.

A Registered Dietitian manages the IRN Nutrition Toolbox. Diet-neutral, it does not promote or advocate for any specific diet or doctrine, and emphasizes the importance of focusing on real food versus processed food. Our advisors and partners include some of the leading experts and institutions in the world of nutrition.

If each of our supporters just gave a tax-deductible $5, IRN’s Nutrition Toolbox can be available to any school or community clinic year-round.

And — thanks to a very generous donor, All gifts up to $50,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Please support IRN’s efforts! Donate here and your gift will double!

Alternately, a check payable to Institute for Responsible Nutrition may be mailed to:
Institute for Responsible Nutrition, P.O. Box 14455, San Francisco, CA 94114-0455
BIG NEWS! We just announced our exciting merger with the United States Healthful Food Council / REAL Certified.  This Real Food Alliance will combine our world-class science-based nutrition programs with innovative approaches to changing the food environment by engaging food enterprises across the United States as partners in the real food movement.

Wolfram Alderson
Founding Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Robert Lustig, M.D.
Founder and President
Institute for Responsible Nutrition