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Pediatric Metabolic Health and Nutrition Summit

A continuing medical education (CME) event, January, 2017, Seattle, Washington

The Pediatric Metabolic Health and Nutrition Summit is a two-day, immersive, regional symposium designed to illustrate the connection between what a child eats and the metabolic consequences that will often last a lifetime. Through interactive round-table panels, didactic lectures and demonstrations, an international faculty of experts will present basic nutrition science, describe the prevalence of metabolic disease and its’ causes, debunk key nutrition myths that misinform and prevent progress, discuss best practices, and provide community-based solutions that healthcare providers can implement in their practices.

This course is designed for physicians and all allied health professionals who care for pediatric patients in the Western United States, specifically in the following specialties: Pediatrics and Pediatric Subspecialties, Gastroenterology, Bariatric Medicine and Family Medicine.  REGISTER HERE


Past Events

Real Food Fun - September, 2016

US Premiere of Sugar Coated - November, 2015


No scheduled events at this time.