iRN ImpactThe IRN has been impacting millions with high impact education and communication campaigns that are changing the conversation about food and health.

Now that we have joined forces with the United States Healthful Food Council, we are able to take our work to new areas of impact.

Here are a Few Highlights to Date:

Sugar is Killing Us, animated video and Facebook Page. Collaboration with Fred Water has resulted in over 700,000 views to date, and 24,000 followers on Facebook.

Sugar Hiding in Plain Site, Ted-Ed animated video. 376,000 views to date.

Established IRN YouTube Channel. Dozens of educational videos on various topics related to nutrition and health.

Established IRN Scoop.It online magazine. 425,000 views to date.

Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Foods. One-hour PBS program, partnership with Ken Nochimson and Advise & Consent reached over 1 million people on 400 PBS stations. Spanish translation, Dulce Venganza, produced at PBS quality for distribution to Spanish speaking community. A National PBS series is inspired by these efforts.

IRN Online Education Ecosystem: Three websites (,, and and multiple media channels (Nationbuilder, Wordpress, Scoop.It, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) has accumulated over 100,000 followers. Tens of thousands of visitors on all our channels every month.

Hosted Premier of Fed Up: IRN hosted the San Francisco premier of the documentary that features IRN Founder Dr. Robert Lustig. Now available on iTunes.

Supported the Fat Chance Row that leveraged $250,000 in donations to support high quality nutrition education.

Sugar Coated: IRN hosted the U.S. Premier of the 1.5 hour documentary, collaboration with Michele Hozer and The Cutting Factory. Now available on Netflix. 

Participation in Key Conferences and Forums around the U.S. and internationally (partial list) focused on food system change, food security, and nutrition:

Collaborative Communications and Consultations. Produced or collaborated on a wealth of innovative educational resources, online media, infographics, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, etc.  Here are a few examples:

Forged innovative 10 Day Real Food Challenge. Partnered with MyFitnessPal to bring a Clean Eating Challenge to 85 million members. Nearly twenty thousand folks signed up for the first online challenge. 

Hosted dozens of Educational & Community Building Events on the East and West Coasts, including house parties and private luncheons.

Escorted low-income youth and community leaders from the East Bay (Wellness City Challenge) to Washington D.C. to support their efforts to educate legislators and the USDA about school nutrition. Co-presented the efforts of these youth at the Stanford Food Summit.

Established the Nutrition Toolbox, a hub for science-based nutrition.

Forged Real Food for Real People strategy, an innovative approach to leverage food donations for organizations addressing both food insecurity and nutrition education, working with partner AmpYourGood.

Convener for the Real Food Alliance, an alliance of nonprofits and for profit interests in changing the food system and promoting the benefits and integrity of real food.

Forged many strategic partnerships, including (partial list): Advise & Consent, Thorn Run Partners, United States Healthful Food Council/Real Certified, Fred Water, Wellness City Challenge, Hint Water, Cutting Factory, Food System 6, Lucifit, MyFitnessPal, Connectwell, EatDrinkPolitics, Credit Suisse Research Institute, Morrison Foerster, Teens 4 Health, Hope Street Group, Amp Your Good, Leah's Pantry, The Suppers Programs, Public Health Advocates, Bauman College, Farmraiser, Food Evolution, Eat Love, and many more!

The Future is In Your Hands! Help the IRN/USHFC Expand its Impact to Reach Millions.

We are continuing our work with online nutrition education via the 10 Day Real Food Challenge and the Nutrition Toolbox.

Our current focus is on expanding the impact of REAL Certified, a strategy that is transforming the food landscape in the U.S.

The USHFC envisions an America free from the diet-related diseases that cut short or debilitate too many precious lives before they have reached their full potential. This will be an America where children learn a life-long appreciation for nutritious and sustainable food from their families and communities, and where healthful food and beverages are both good for consumers and good for business.

By building partnerships with communities, businesses, educational institutions, other nonprofits and thought leaders, we intend to serve all individuals and communities by promoting innovative solutions to America’s epidemic of diet-related diseases.

Informed by the challenges of America’s increased incidences of diet-related diseases, the USHFC pursues its mission with both excellence and compassion.

The USHFC is:

  • Challenging food and foodservice operators to attain higher standards of nutrition and sustainability
  • Educating and connecting consumers seeking healthful and sustainable food with the food and foodservice operators that provide them
  • Helping transform the supply chain and food system
  • Increasing the demand for healthful food and beverage
  • Engaging the public with information on the connection between food and diet-related diseases
  • Supporting the industry in providing healthier and more sustainable options without sacrificing the flavor of offerings or reducing profitability
  • Expanding marketplace support of sustainable agricultural practices that will benefit the health and economies of rural areas



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