IRN Blog Guidelines & Considerations

  1. Blog pieces are generally 400-500 words, sometimes longer, include a photo and a link if appropriate. The deadline is open. Many of our guest blogs are from experts and leaders in their fields, but we are also interested in the extraordinary things that everyday people are doing to improve their nutrition. 
  2. How and why you connect to our mission and work are of special interest to us.
  3. Many sample blogs are here.
  4. We are currently promoting an Instagram campaign using the hashtag #WhatRealFoodLooksLike so an image that can also be shared on Instagram is an added plus.
  5. In the context of your blog, you can perhaps share a book, publication, or study (hyperlinked) that have been particularly helpful in terms of science-based nutrition. 
  6. We do not promote specific diets or nutrition ideologies, but sharing your unique experience and success is certainly of interest, especially when you link it to valid nutrition science.
  7. We generally don’t endorse “one size fits all” solutions. However, people do want to know how others transform their health through healthier food and nutrition, so sharing personal stories can be inspiring. It takes courage, but these stories are sometimes more impactful than reading some dry academic research article about nutrition.
  8. We have surpassed 120,000 followers on multiple media channels, so there is potentially a large audience for your story. Consider this when you write your blog…you are speaking to a very broad audience.
  9. We reserve the right to exclude blogs that do not meet the selection criteria or remove blogs that violate our standards.  
  10. Please share your expertise and education. You could be an M.D., Dentist, Registered Dietitian, a “Mom who has cooked for her children every day of the year,” or “kid who loves real food.” If you have a degree or other credentials, please share them.
  11. You share your blog on your social media channels
  12. Your blog’s primary focus is on the connection between food, nutrition and health and strives to represent the best of nutrition science. References and links to evidence supporting your claims are always appreciated (books, studies, websites, experts, etc.).
  13. Your blog does not violate copyright law (original content, quotes and sources whenever appropriate)
  14. You blog with integrity:
    • You are transparent about any conflicts of interest, paid product reviews and funding sources.
    • Your blog has an educational focus with no attempts to directly sell your own products and/or services.

Submit draft blog posts to for review.

The IRN reserves the right to refuse, edit, or delete any blog post.

Thank you for your consideration!



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