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New! Take our Hypoglycemia Questionnaire

Due to the increase of questions and concerns about possible connections between hypoglycemia and diabetes, we want to find out if this association can be observed. If so, interventions can be made sooner to prevent diabetes from developing. Hypoglycemia is a poorly understood topic. If you've experienced hypoglycemia, pleas share your experience with us so that we can better understand it and educate clinicians on the prevalence and severity of the condition.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

"One dollar invested in nutrition-related programs offers a return of up to $16 in economic benefits, such as increased productivity and lower healthcare costs."


 Join our 10 Day Real Food Challenge

#EatRealFood with the IRN

10 days can do more than you think.

Real food for people who really need it.

Considering that many folks lack access to adequate food and nutrition, the IRN is coupling our Real Food Impact campaign with a real food drive. Pay the real food initiative forward by giving real food to people who really need it. Instead of bringing non-perishable food donations to a collection box, you can now purchase fresh, wholesome food online and have it delivered directly to innovative programs--like the Wellness City Challenge--that provide real food and impactful nutrition education to people who need it. 

You wouldn’t be here unless you cared about the same issues we do. What now? 

We invite you to join our movement. Make a donation, volunteer your services or simply utilize our resources and share with others. Whether you are a health professional, a funder, or would like to donate your time or expertise, you can make a difference. 

Please contribute and be a part of the solution - it will only be possible with your support.

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